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Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people
We do not limit ourselves to particular industries or geographies — we back ambitious founders globally, from seed to series B.
We contribute to the fulfilment of your vision with our global research, industry insights, and billions of data points from our proprietary data platform.
If there is a problem, we roll our sleeves, get shit done and fight alongside you. And of course we do all the usual VC helpful stuff ⚡
And we are zero bullshit.
Instant Grocery-Delivery Service

Banking-as-a-service (BaaS) platform that aims to build DeFi for traditional finance

Rain is an employee benefits app that allows employees to instantly receive their earned-wage on-demand
Coding Tests and Assessments for Technical Hiring

Creating online teaching classes in India

Atom Finance
Investment research platform and application that offers resources, data, and analysis to investors and allows to track all investments in one place
Property management platform and discovery marketplace that simplifies the process of renting homes for both landlords and tenants.

Mobile and desktop app that allows to make Audiobooks from Anything and helps people with dyslexia and low vision to read out using text to speech voice
From day one — we made a dedicated bet to utilize technology to build a better VC. This is because we walk the talk and believe that tech is truly changing everything. We wanted to be in the front seat and in a sense, we’ve been incubating a startup ourselves. With a 12+ strong engineering and product team, we have developed a state-of-the-art in-house data platform that is processing more than 1 billion data points every single day.
Boris, our ML engine ‘scans’ the global startup ecosystem, helping us to identify breakout startups of the highest quality as early as possible whilst also providing excellent support for our investment team’s research. This is not a silver bullet, of course, but it’s a stable pipeline generator for global ideas that hide inside of our fund’s, or another’s general periphery.
The dependable Boris also allows us to provide meaningful insights to our portfolio companies: from monitoring competition to intelligence on adjacent markets and new implementable products and business models.
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Vagan Khranyan
Founding Partner
#fintech #ecommerce

Vagan together with his partner Nikolay established CM Ventures in 2020. Before that, he was an Investment Manager in the technology sector at USM Holdings where in the team of three he managed more than $1bln in assets and invested in startups - totalling 20 deals.

Vagan started his career as an analyst in the Security Department at Goldman Sachs. Vagan has also founded and successfully exited several consumer-focused startups.

Vagan holds a BAs degree in Economics from LSE, a BAs degree in Law, and Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Russian universities.

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Nikolai Dyachkov
Partner, Chief Product Officer
#ecommerce #SaaS #foodtech 

Nikolai is a Partner at CM Ventures. Prior to establishing CM Ventures, he was heading the investment arm at USM Holdings where he invested in more than 20 companies together with Vagan. Nikolai successfully combines the roles of the VC Partner and Chief Product Officer at CM Ventures.

Nikolai started his career at Troika Dialog (now Sberbank CIB). He graduated from Finance University of Russia with a degree in Economics.

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Alex Rozhin
Senior Associate
#nocode #AI/ML #SaaS #devtools

Alex joined CM Ventures as an Investment Associate in March 2020 and acts as the bridge between the CM Ventures investment and product teams. This experience has led Alex to an investment focus on developer-centric tools.

Prior to CM Ventures, Alex worked at iTech Capital, covering TradingView and Aviasales as a VC/PE portfolio manager. Before iTech he gained experience in both IB and Management Consultancy sectors.

Alex graduated from Higher School of Economics with a degree in Finance.

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Victoria Volkova
#foodtech #creatorseconomy #edtech #digitalhealth

Victoria joined CM Ventures in March 2020. Prior to CM Ventures, she gathered practical experience at Accenture as a technology consultant for financial services clients, as well as took several internships in VC and startup space in San Francisco and Moscow. 

Aside from her day-to-day work as an investor, Victoria leads CM Ventures outbound communications through reach out, networking, and PR. 

Victoria graduated from Higher School of Economics with a degree in Public Administration and studied Entrepreneurship at the University of Groningen, Netherlands.

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Giles Hart
#fintech #edtech

Giles joined CM Ventures in January 2021 as an investment analyst.

Giles holds a BAs in Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Nottingham and a Postgraduate Certificate in International Affairs from King's College London.

Giles is keen to explore investment opportunities from the developing world.

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Danny Lavrenov
#ecommerce #B2BSaaS #consumerSaaS #headless

Danny was the first investment analyst to join CM Ventures team.

Previously, Danny was working at iTech Capital, an early-stage VC fund where he was responsible for pipeline generation and portfolio management.

Danny holds a BAs in Economics from Higher Schools of Economics.

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Kate Glozshtein
#creatorseconomy #edtech #hrtech

Kate has been with the team since November 2020 and outside of her research responsibilities, is the face for CM Ventures outbound communication with founders. 

Kate has developed an enthusiasm for edtech as an e-learning researcher at her alma mater and as a guest student at the Humboldt University of Berlin. 

She graduated from Moscow State Linguistic University and holds a BAs degree in German Linguistics. 

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Amir Valeev
Analyst Intern

Amir joined CM Ventures in the summer of 2021 as an Intern.

He is currently studying towards a BAs degree in Computer Science from Moscow State University with a placement at the Vega Institute, researching Optimal control problems in cryptocurrency payments.

Amir has also explored applied financial math with Deutsche Bank in 2020.

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Nikolai Ustinov
Chief Technology Officer
CM Ventures is a data-driven fund from the beginning, so the first person who joined CMV after partners was Nikolay as a CTO. 

Prior to that Nikolay was in charge of building a credit scoring system at Edna, the largest Russian telecom provider in the financial sector. Before Edna he founded and worked as CTO in a company that was providing IT consulting and services around the Oracle ecosystem.

Nikolay holds a Master of Science degree in Informatics and Control Systems from Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

He is also a speaker of the Russian flagship IT conference HighLoad++.

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Gerard Kostin
Chief Data Scientist
Gerard recently joined CM Ventures as a Chief Data Scientist. Gerard’s role is to enhance the decision making process of the investment team with AI-driven solutions. 

Gerard is a Data Science expert with more than 11 years of consequent experience. Gerard has broad experience solving different use cases using data science and AI approaches in various business areas. He was leading the Data Science team at MTS and Rostelecom (telco). Gerard was working as well for the Silicon Valley startup as a Data scientist and Use Case owner with a key focus on digital solutions. For the last 3 years Gerard was in charge of AI driven innovations at Swarovski HQ in Austria.

Gerard studied Math modeling and cybernetics and holds an MSc degree. 

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Dmitri Bundin
Tech Lead
Dmitri is responsible for the core platform system development.

Prior to joining CM Ventures early in 2020, Dmitri worked in the fintech, adtech, and retail industries mostly focusing on the development of performance-critical software parts.

Dmitri is also among the top speakers of the Russian flagship IT conferences HighLoad++ and JPoint.

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Gleb Mekhrenin
Site Reliability Engineer
Gleb is responsible for the infrastructure platform development and DevOps processes of the CM Ventures proprietary platform.

Previously Gleb developed the infrastructure platform of the largest crypto-exchange in Eastern Europe, as a site reliability engineer. While at AT Consulting, a system integration company, as a Senior DevOps Engineer Gleb was working on the development of a Unified State Register of Real Estate of the Russian Federation project.

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Stas Luchnikov
Frontend developer, UX/UI Designer
Stas is responsible for the frontend development and interface design of the CM Ventures proprietary platform.

Previously Stas worked at the London-based startup, Billforward, as a frontend lead and UX designer, and at Tinkoff Bank as a Senior Frontend Developer.

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Anton Solovyev
Tech Lead
Anton is responsible for the development of CM Ventures proprietary platform.

Prior to CM Ventures, Anton developed a billing system at Evotor, an SME-focused fintech company in Russia that was acquired by a top Russian bank in 2020.

Anton graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University with a Master's Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology.

December 29, 2021 
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